We are in Tanmia startup hub working to enrich the business environment with advanced youth experiences.
Our work is about:
Categorize the works

Categorize the works according to the origin of the project and then determine the appropriate ideology for each project.

Build and manage small start-ups

Build and manage small start-ups, provide marketing plans and clarify their long-term bath and expectations.

Providing consultations

Providing consultations to start-ups or pre-established enterprises, whether small, medium or large, in an effort to promote them and solve their problems.

Market and competitors analysis

Market and competitors analysisby business and customer division to understand the needs of clients and their capabilities to identify the target audience, expected growth, and “SWOT” analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and brand visibility.

Economic feasibility study

Economic feasibility study of Small & medium projects and provide a comprehensive financial study to determine their profitability, what can be achieved, expected financial returns, expected profits, time to cover expenses and start making profits, set the right budget to start, including identifying the team, market research and competitors.

Planning and Implementation

PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION, we provide an integrated and comprehensive study according to the direction and vision of the project. we make the ideas come true.