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Intro To Meta Ads Manger 2023

  • By Yazan Darweesh
  • May 11, 2023

Meta Ads

Introduction to Meta ads ..

Meta Ads are the ads used by the new meta company, formerly known as Facebook. Facebook Instagram ,WhatsApp, and Oculus are now part of meta ads, which uses artificial intelligence to improve ad targeting and improve the user experience. This means that user data is analyzed to determine which ads can be of interest to them ,which can translate into better advertising results, and is an effective way for small and large businesses alike to reach a wider audience, increase sales and profits. Companies can use meta ads to promote their products and services, increase brand awareness, and improve the relationship between them and customers.meta ads also include the possibility of reaching a wider audience by identifying specific sites and preparing targeted ads for these sites. Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp are also an effective way to reach a larger audience globally , as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are used by users all over the world, and companies can use these ads to increase brand awareness in new regions and reach new audiences.

Targeting the audience with advertising

Meta uses targeted advertising to reach a specific audience and offer its products and services to this audience. For example, if a company wants to promote its online shopping services, it will show ads to users who show interest in online shopping.

Meta is also using ads that promote its new vision to focus on virtual reality and future time. For example, Facebook users could see ads promoting meta’s virtual reality apps, which enable users to immerse themselves in a virtual, reality-like World.

Thanks to such targeted advertising and the promotion of the services and products it offers, meta is able to reach a wide audience of users around the world, and make significant profits through these services and advertising. Meta will certainly continue to use this strategy in the future, as it always seeks to improve its services and provide a distinctive user experience for its audience.
The audience

Reach people who want to know your latest news.

You can specify who can see your ads and where to see them. Create your online audience based on the attributes of the people you want your ad to see, and you can narrow the audience by interests, gender, or location and use ad targeting to find the people most likely to take action. Once your ad starts running, the meta system will recognize the people interacting with the ad, and over time it will narrow down your audience so that you can reach more suitable people.

Identify your target audience

Think about the characteristics that your existing customers have in common, such as demographic information, location and interests, then expand or narrow this audience based on the size of the population

Create and improve your audience.

  1. Creating an audience

When creating your target audience on the internet, follow the audience measurement tool, which will let you know if your audience is very specific, very general or quite relevant.

  1. Starting with a general audience

Meta’s ad serving system works best when your audience size is between two million to 10 million people. When using a larger audience, the auction has more opportunities to display ads, notice results and improve. Consider the location, age and gender of the customers you want to see your ads.

  1. Add more details

Using detailed targeting, such as adding “interests” targeting, may result in a small audience size, but it can also help to better target your ads to an audience more likely to respond to your ads. We recommend using interest targeting only if your audience is at least two million people.

To find out more details here: https:

Advertising campaign budgets and ad group budgets.

Setting a budget for your advertising campaign is vital to the success of your meta marketing campaign. Here are some of the reasons why budgeting is important:

1-setting goals: helps to set goals for your advertising campaign, and thus determine the amounts of money that should be allocated to the campaign.

2-performance evaluation: where the invested amounts can be compared with the results achieved and determine whether the campaign was successful or not.

3-determine the costs: helps to determine the total costs of the campaign, including the costs of advertising, marketing, design and analysis.

4-determine the advertising strategy: where the amounts invested in each type of advertising (such as paid ads, organic ads, and email ads) can be determined and prioritized among them.

5-identify the target audience: the budget can be used to identify the target audience and determine the amounts invested in effectively targeting this audience.

In general, setting a budget is vital to the success of your meta advertising campaign, as it helps you define your goals, evaluate the performance of your campaign, determine costs, advertising strategy and target audience.

You can set a budget for your entire ad campaign with Meta’s Advantage ad campaign budget (formerly known as campaign optimization), or set individual budgets for your ad groups.

Ad campaign budgets: all ad campaign budgets use the Advantage ad campaign budget. And this allows you to set one comprehensive budget for the advertising campaign that is constantly distributed in real time to ad groups with the best opportunities. Campaign budgets can make it easier to set up an ad campaign and reduce the number of budgets you have to manage manually. They help you achieve the best possible results from your advertising campaign at the lowest cost, and work best if you are flexible about how to spend the budget on ad groups.

Ad group budgets: you can choose to set individual budgets for your ad groups if you want more control over the display of ads within specific ad groups. This can be useful if you have mixed optimization goals and bidding strategies, or there are large differences in audience size between ad groups.

Learn more about how to choose between ad campaign budgets and ad group budgets.

Daily budgets and whole campaign budgets

For both ad campaign budgets and ad group budgets, you can choose whether your budget applies on a daily basis or over the entire duration of the ad campaign or ad group.

Daily budgets: the average amount you want to spend on an ad group or an advertising campaign per day. Daily budgets do not depend on setting a spending cap. They are quite suitable if you want to spend almost the same amount every day to achieve consistent daily results for your advertising campaign or for your advertising group.

Whole campaign budgets: the total amount that you want to spend during the entire run of the ad campaign or ad group. Campaign budgets are all based on spending caps, not averages. They are useful if you do not want to exceed a certain amount of spending, and are also ideal for you if you are flexible about how much you want to spend every day.

Click here for more details https://www.facebook.com/business/help/214319341922580?id=629338044106215&ref=fbb_adsmanager_products

About creating ads in the Ads Manager from Meta

Meta Ads Manager is a unified ad creation tool that you can use to create and post ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and meta Audience Network.

The ad creation workflow consists of three different levels:

Advertising campaign level: this is where you define the advertising objective or the overall goal of your advertising campaign.

Ad group level: this is where you define the audience you want to reach, choose your ad placements, set a budget, and set a schedule.

Advertising level: this is where the ads themselves will be designed. You can choose the ad format, upload photos and Video, add texts and links, and much more.

To create ads in the Ads Manager:

Create your ad campaign: from the main table in the Ad Manager, select Create to open the create new ad campaign window. In this window, you will specify the goal of your new advertising campaign, ad group and advertisement. You can also use existing ad campaigns, ad groups, or ads to create new items.

Optimize settings: Select continue to go to the edit pane and choose details such as audience, placement, ad format and much more.

Publish or save as a draft: when you’re ready, select Publish or close to save your draft.

For example, if this is the first time you are creating an ad for your business in the Ad Manager, you can choose the goal of “interaction”. This target will show ads to people who are most likely to interact with your ad or be interested in your business. To get started, select + Create. Choose the “interaction” target and then click Next to enter the edit pane. You will move to the ad group level, where you will use your knowledge of your customer base to identify the attributes of your audience. Select the next to go to the advertising level, where you will select photos or videos, write an attractive text. Finally, post your completed ad.

Go to the advertising manager. Select Create to get started.

Note: the Ad Manager tool also gives you access to advanced ad creation tools in one place, including ad duplication and bulk ad uploads.

You can read more here:


About dynamic design

Dynamic advertising design on meta is one of the effective methods of attracting attention and increasing engagement. Here are some tips for designing effective dynamic ads on meta:

1 – use animated images:to attract attention and better convey the message.

2 – use the video: to show the product or service better and attract more viewers.

3-Use attractive colors: attractive and brand-appropriate colors should be used to attract attention and better convey the message.

4-Use short texts: to attract attention and better convey the message.

5-Quality Improvement: the quality of advertising must be ensured and improved continuously to increase engagement and attention.

6 – test ads: to identify the best and improve performance.In short : designing dynamic ads on meta requires the use of images, video, attractive colors, short texts, quality improvement and testing of ads. Using these tips, advertisers can design effective dynamic ads on meta and increase engagement and attention.

Dynamic design contains multimedia (images, videos) and multiple ad components (such as images, videos, text, audio clip, calls to action) and works to mix and match them in new ways to improve the performance of your ad. This allows you to automatically create unique, one-to-one combinations of designs for each person viewing the ad, while obtaining scalable results.

The combinations of designs are based solely on the media and advertising components you offer unless the design optimization switch button is also turned on for each person. When this toggle button is also enabled, the following improvements may occur:

Apply simple enhancements to thumbnails or photos

Crop photo and video

Expand the scale of an image by filling the background with harmonious colors or patterns

Applying a template to design elements for stories

Create a story spinner based on a single image, title, or product catalog information

Playback speed for videos without sound

Toggle texts between fields, such as body text and title

Create videos from photos

Displaying rotating cards as a video

Choose songs based on the content of your ad to accompany your ad when needed

Optimize the advertising destination between your website and your store on Facebook and Instagram.

Dynamic design is a great optimization tool when you are unsure which media or advertising components resonate with different audiences. Since you will only be able to see the combined performance of all the unique combinations offered, meta does not recommend that dynamic design be used as an alternative to split testing.

Note: you can create a maximum of 1000 ads with a dynamic design. If you’ve come this far, you’ll need to delete or archive some ads before creating more.

Find out more ….


Running advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

You can tell more people about your business by running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. And with easy-to-read self-service tools and reports, you can reach your customers and find new ones.

  1. Choose your advertising goal.

Advertising goals help you determine what goals you are striving to achieve through advertising campaigns and advertisements. To choose the right advertising goal, answer the question “What is the most important result I want to get from this advertisement?””The answer could be to make sales with your website, download your app, or increase brand awareness

  1. Get to know the nature of your audience.

Ads are most effective when they address the motivations of the people they are trying to reach. When creating your ads, think about the details of your audience, such as interests, behaviors, demographic information.

  1. Choose the platform on which you want to run your ads.

Depending on your goals, you can choose to run your ad on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, or on all of these platforms. And whether you want to use a video, image or text, we provide you with suitable advertising formats to share your story.

  1. Submit your request.

Prepare a plan by setting your budget in advance. You can enter the daily budget or the budget of the entire campaign and the time period during which you want your ads to run. These limits mean that you will never spend any amount beyond your means. Once you submit your ad, the ad goes to the advertising auction that helps to show it to the right people.

  1. Measure results and learn from them.

After running your ad, you can track its performance and edit your ad campaign in the Ad Manager. Using measuring instruments and test results, you can make the required changes and adjustments.

Learn more here:

How meta ads work

Meta ads are based on intelligent algorithms that analyze users ‘ behaviors, interests, geographical locations and devices, and use this information to target ads to people who meet the targeting criteria set by the advertiser.

Advertisers can determine the budget and duration of their ads, as well as set advertising goals that they want to achieve, such as increasing traffic to their website, increasing sales, or enhancing their brand awareness.

The future of meta ads

Meta ads are expected to continue to grow and develop in the future, as the company’s development team is constantly working on improving algorithms and developing new tools for advertisers.

The use of meta ads is also expected to increase in the coming years, especially with the increase in the use of social media platforms and the shift of business operations to the internet more.

Different meta ad formats, and how to use them to achieve your marketing goals.

Photo ads:

These ads use attractive images to promote products or services, which is an effective way to attract the attention of users. High-quality and colorful images can be used to attract more attention, and such ads are usually displayed in feeds and streaming news on meta platforms.

Video advertising:

These ads use videos to promote products or services, and have the advantage that they attract users ‘ attention more. Short and attractive videos can be used to get better results, and the duration of the video and the time display of the advertisement can also be selected.

Text ads:

These ads use short, catchy texts to promote products or services, and are considered an effective way to communicate with the audience. Short and inspiring phrases can be used to attract the attention of users, and the text can be customized based on the target audience and marketing goals.

Sirocell ads:

These ads use multiple scrollable images to promote products or services, and are an effective way to show your products attractively. Multiple images displayed consecutively can be used for better results, the speed of moving and the effects used in advertising can be selected.

Recommended product announcements:

These ads use users ‘ data to recommend products that can be of interest to them, and are an effective way to increase sales. The user data available on the meta platform can be used to identify products that can be of interest to users, and display these products in targeted advertising.

Event announcements:

Such advertising is used to promote company events and events, is an effective way to attract an audience and increase brand awareness. Targeted advertising can be used to reach the right audience and motivate them to attend the event, photos and videos can also be used to show what to expect from the event.

Site announcements:

These ads are used to reach a specific audience in a particular region, where a specific location can be selected for displaying ads, and are an effective way to promote products and services in specific regions. Such advertising can be used to reach the local audience and motivate them to visit the store or get the services provided.

Using meta advertising, companies can efficiently achieve their marketing goals, increase sales and profits. Using artificial intelligence, companies can improve ad targeting and improve the user experience, which translates into better ad results and increased sales and profits.

We’ll talk about how meta ads work, and the different types they can be used to achieve your marketing goals.

1-choosing the type of advertising: you must first choose the type of advertising you want to use, be it a photo, video, text, searocell ad, Recommended Products, an event or a site.

2-determine the target audience: you must determine the target audience of your ad, using a variety of criteria, including age, gender, geographical location, interests and behaviors.

3-determine the advertising budget: which can include cost per Click (CPC) or cost per thousand views (CPM), based on your marketing goals.

4-advertising design: whether it is an image, video, text, searucell, Recommended Products, an event or a site, using the tools available on the meta advertising platform.

Instagram Facebook, WhatsApp and Oculus, based on your marketing goals.5-determine the location of the advertisement: which can include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.

6 – analyze the results: using the tools available on the meta ads platform, identify the ads that achieve the best results and optimize them to increase sales and profits.

The benefits of Meta ads

Meta ads help increase brand awareness and improve communication between the company and the audience.

Meta ads help increase sales and profits by attracting customers and motivating them to buy products or services.

Artificial intelligence is used in meta ads to improve the targeting of ads and ensure that they reach the right audience.

Meta ads provide various forms of advertising that can be used to achieve corporate marketing goals.

Artificial intelligence is used in meta ads to improve the user experience and make it smoother and easier.

Dead in 2023

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, could be very different in 2023. Having become the world’s largest company in the field of social media, meta may develop into a comprehensive technology company that includes a range of diverse digital services.

This may include a greater focus on virtual reality and augmented reality, which may become an essential part of the user experience on the meta site. Meta can also invest in other areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology.

Meta’s approach to data and privacy may also change. Meta may assume more responsibility for users to manage their personal data, and meta may adopt a more transparent and responsible approach to the collection and use of data.

In addition, the advertising approach to meta may change in 2023. The company may switch to an advertising model that is less dependent on personal data and more dependent on the general interests and behaviors of users.

In total, meta could develop significantly in the coming years, focusing on advanced technology and user experiences. It is important that the company continues to deal with ongoing challenges in the field of privacy, security and regulation, in order to maintain its position as one of the largest technology companies in the world.

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