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Dubai startup hub

Participate in coordinating plans to manage emerging projects, provide appropriate training and attend workshops

In5 key benefits

Interact with IN5’s activities and prepare to participate in its competitions.

Online workshops

Yazan Darweesh, one of the platform’s founders started the online workshops in Information technology & Business Administration.

The company’s engineers were honored through Jumpstart project in Syria by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, the Minister of Higher Education and UNDP for the Dedicated tourism Guideline and Engine with augmented reality.

Coordinating with the ministry of internal affairs in UAE to introduce IT consulting services that serve the country.


providing consulting services and software solutions for the Police in Ras Al Khaimah in UAE.



Within the consent of Digital Arabic content, our engineers were honored at the Damascus Opera House theater by the Ministry of tourism under the supervision of the Vice President and at the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and a number of deputy ministers, researchers, and those who interested in scientific affairs


Sweden Internship Agreement

Our engineers had an important participation in guiding, monitoring and revising thesis graduation projects for Information Technology Services students in Chas Academy AB in Sweden. We are always ready to contribute in the preparation of the future generations always.




E-learning activities

Building an e-learning bridge to sharpen individuals’ experiences in all aspects of education and secure job opportunities.