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E- commerce:

  • By Yazan Darweesh
  • November 9, 2023

E-commerce has become one of the profitable projects in our world today, so are you thinking about creating an e-store and don’t know what E-commerce is What are its features and why should you use it What payment gateways are available in the Gulf countries All this information we will get acquainted with in this article:
What is E-commerce:
Online stores are online sites that allow companies and individuals to offer and sell their products and services online, and these products and services include everything from clothing and accessories to electronic devices, food products, medical products and others… Online stores provide an easy and convenient way for customers to search for the products and services they need,and buy online easily and safely, however, participants in this field should be aware of how to manage websites and digital marketing, in addition to knowing how to improve the shopping experience for customers, they must also maintain the quality of the products and services they provide.
E-commerce is a great opportunity for individuals who want to start their own business, where they can start a business and make big profits,companies can reduce costs and expand their online business, and it is an incomparable opportunity for individuals and companies to succeed in the business world, and everyone must work hard to achieve their goals and turn their passion into a successful project.
And the use of the right methodologies in marketing and the application of the correct logistics in the sales model that will be built by the WooCommerce, according to what do we mean by Business Logistics
Business logistics in e-commerce:
Basic logistics in e-commerce is one of the most important factors affecting the success of any online business. With the increasing number of online shoppers, it becomes necessary to provide premium logistics services to meet the needs of customers and improve their experience, logistics in e-commerce includes several aspects, including warehousing, distribution, shipping and delivery. These processes must be integrated and efficient to ensure the provision of high-quality services to customers،
With regard to storage, the warehouse should be well equipped and organized to ensure easy access to products and provide sufficient storage space, and the distribution process should be efficient and fast to meet customer needs as soon as possible.
In order to optimize the shipping and delivery process, you should cooperate with reliable shipping companies specializing in delivery services. Multiple shipping and delivery options should also be provided to meet different customer needs.
In addition, distinctive after-sales services should be provided to improve the customer experience and achieve their satisfaction, this is possible through the provision of express delivery, free return and technical support services around the clock.
In general, the basic logistics in e-commerce is one of the most important factors to pay attention to to achieve the success of an online business. These processes must be optimized and provide outstanding services to customers to succeed in this area.
For more information read here
Logistics-Wikipedia http://wikipedia.org/

As for Workflow, it is very important in the field of e-commerce, as it helps to improve productivity and efficiency, and therefore achieve more profits. They also help reduce errors and delays in work, facilitate the process of managing projects and tasks.
Workflow systems Workflow system is based on the use of a modern methodology for organizing and modeling procedures for a specific order, where it is applied within the methodologies of Erp System, which facilitates within the Department of management and facilitates the process of communication and coordination between employees, this methodology has on the process of digital marketing, as it helps to understand and mold marketing plans and distribute tasks among employees and reflect their impact on the company’s entrances, as well as follow-up implementation and analysis of results.
Erp System Systems have many advantages, including:
1-speed up the process of communication and coordination between employees.
2. improve productivity and efficiency.
3-reduce errors and delays in work.
4. facilitate the process of managing projects and tasks.
5-saving time and effort in completing tasks.
Erp system enterprise resources planning can be used in the field of e-marketing, as it helps to define marketing plans, distribute tasks among employees, as well as follow up on their implementation and analyze the results.
For more information :
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Meaning, Components, and Examples




A sales strategy begins with an understanding of competitors and the current market : a sales strategy is one of the Vital Strategies that any business must adopt and develop continuously, as it helps to increase sales and make profits, but in order to achieve these goals we must first understand competitors and the current market.

Initially, we must study competitors and analyze their strategies and products, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our products and work on developing weaknesses and excellence in strengths. We must also monitor the prices of competitors and the quality level of their products, in order to determine an appropriate price for our products commensurate with their quality and be competitive in the market.

Secondly, we must understand the current market and customer requirements, by studying the market and analyzing customer needs and preferences. We must identify the geographical areas in which the target customers are located and determine the products they prefer and the services they need, in order to determine the appropriate sales strategy and develop products and services that meet their needs. , The extent of supply and demand in the market, and what tools are used to achieve sustainability between supply and demand. For example, there is an extensive integrated market in the UAE for many huge selling platforms, on which we can open a merchant platform and sell on it, taking advantage of its market share. Also, we can work on supply chains for the wholesale of goods, as well as build a special store and market it in parallel with our work on other platforms.

We must also understand the needs of the customer by understanding the need to sustain the prices offered with his purchasing power. Therefore, it is necessary to provide him with a multi-aspect payment method, such as online payment to activate the ease of purchase, as well as payment through registering our business within payment gateways operating in the GCC to ensure that customers ‘ purchases are made in installments in installments over months. A pleasant payment and purchase journey must be secured for the customer, such as the portals of Tamara and Tabi, which are available at purchasing platforms such as noon.
The real importance of determining the technologies and logistics required to start work is to exploit them correctly and effectively within the stages of hyper marketing that will be worked on, distribution and coordination between platforms and social media, targeting social platforms and integrating them with commercial platforms through matching in marketing strategies and logistics.
The last stage begins by securing the delivery of the required products to the customer by working on the Customer Relationship Management System in a different way and methodology, suitable for each sales platform and each social media platform. Here Comes the importance of delivery companies in e-commerce
Delivery companies are one of the most important elements of e-commerce,as they help to deliver products from e-stores to customers in different regions,and provide them with convenience and ease in purchasing and obtaining the required products.they are an essential part of the supply chain in e-commerce, as they achieve the link between e-stores and customers, and ensure the delivery of products safely, quickly and on time, also an important factor in the success of e-commerce, as they greatly affect the customer experience in online shopping. If delivery companies are able to provide excellent, fast and affordable services, this will increase customer satisfaction and trust in online stores, and, consequently, increase sales volumes and profits.
Delivery companies also contribute to improving the quality of services provided by e-stores, as they work closely with these stores to improve the quality of products and services offered, by providing them with customer feedback and strategic analysis to improve the quality of products and increase customer satisfaction.For example, the FBP special packing approach can be worked on 


And take advantage of the stores of delivery companies such as FedEx،


DHL for Business – DHL – United States of America
Taking advantage of the fbn model


In addition, we must work to improve customer service and provide high-quality after-sales service, by providing quick response service to customer inquiries and problems, providing quality guarantees, return and Exchange in case of any problem with the products.Finally, we must work on data analysis and performance evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the sales strategy, identify areas that can be improved and developed for greater success in the future.

Why business owners should deal and rely on e-commerce (E-commerce):
1 companies can reach customers all over the world via the internet, which expands the customer base and increases the chances of selling .
2 customers can buy their favorite products through the internet easily and conveniently, without having to go to stores and wait in queues.there are several platforms that offer this such as noon, basket and Amazon. we’ll talk about them later in detail.
What is a store? – Seller Support


What is Amazon? Definition and Company History of



Basket | Start-basket




3 companies can increase their revenue by reaching new customers and increasing sales volumes.
4 companies can optimize and speed up their processes through e-commerce , such as order registration, payments, shipping and there are many interest-free payment companies such as tamara, Tabby and other payment companies .
You can find out more information :
Flexible Payments | Shop and Split Your Payments | Tamara
Marketing Toolkit – Tabby Documentation

– Companies can provide excellent customer service and improve their reputation through e-commerce and attractive designs .

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