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  • By Yazan Darweesh
  • January 16, 2024

In this article, we will discuss the payment method “Tabby” that can be used for online shopping, and we will provide links to the official website to learn more about this topic.

Electronic payment has become common worldwide today, allowing users to make purchases easily and securely using credit cards or bank accounts. To learn more about this topic, we invite you to visit the official website and explore all aspects of this innovative payment method.
What is Tabby? – Tabby Documentation
What is Tabby:

Tabby is the largest “Buy Now, Pay Later” service in the Middle East and North Africa, enabling merchants to grow their businesses by offering flexible payments to shoppers. Tabby constantly works on expanding its product offerings, dividing your purchases into 4 easy installments through almost any e-commerce platform using a “Tabby” card, payment links, or by using a QR code to pay later.

The services provided by Tabby include:

Flexible Payment: Tabby allows shoppers to pay for purchases in several installments without interest, making it easier for them to buy products.

Easy Shopping Experience: Tabby’s system helps merchants offer flexible and user-friendly payment options for shoppers, enhancing the online shopping experience.

Business Support: Tabby aims to help merchants increase their sales and improve their business growth by providing flexible payment options for customers.

Support for Small and Medium Enterprises: Tabby’s system enhances growth opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises by providing installment and flexible payment services.

Technological Solutions: Tabby uses financial technology to develop innovative and secure payment solutions.

The importance of Tabby in e-commerce:
Tabby plays a significant role in promoting e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa for several reasons:

Enhancing Consumers’ Purchasing Power: Through its services that allow shoppers to make flexible payments and installment plans, Tabby increases consumers’ purchasing power and encourages them to complete online purchase transactions.

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises: Offering installment and flexible payment services can help small and medium-sized enterprises increase their sales and expand their customer base, thus boosting e-commerce growth in the region.

Encouraging Innovation and Competitiveness: Companies like Tabby that offer innovative payment solutions can stimulate merchants and startups to develop new strategies and increase competitiveness in the e-commerce market.

Improving the Online Shopping Experience: By providing flexible and user-friendly payment services, Tabby can enhance the online shopping experience for consumers and motivate them to make more purchase transactions.

Our products – Tabby Documentation

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