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Valyria E Learning platform preparations

  • By Yazan Darweesh
  • March 3, 2023

Valyria E Learning / Home


Based on our belief in the mission of each work and our keenness to embody the outputs of our scientific experiments within frameworks that serve and care The community in general and specialists in particular, We at Valyria Information Technology were keen to name these
The outputs are under the Valyria Educational Department in order to surround the experience and the quality of the experience and reflect it within the foundations, standards and frameworks that ensure its sustainability and importance, and from here.
The instinct of innovation in the Valyria platform project since its inception has embodied these values and is keen to keep pace with all
Humanitarian trends and life laws towards the growth of societies and achieving real impact according to the standards of excellence

About the platform

Valyria Information Technologies is a digital platform that has been launched as part of an integrated plan to digitize technological content. Reflect business content and practical experiences in the market digitally by archiving them and making them available as courses and articles.  Educational in Arabic that the Arab community can use and benefit from.

Valyria Information Technology was keen in its start-up stages to keep abreast of and analyze the market and gather experience And interact with market experience and reflect these works and store and redirect them to benefit from them in the future from The educational aspect, where innovation was manifested in the method on which the idea was designed and launched with its implementation and a model Business based on sustainability and ease of expansion.

The concept of innovation is also reflected in research and topics that We discuss them in the platform from different scientific cases and experiments based on finding innovative solutions in the field of technology Information, digital marketing and data analysis as well as encouraging scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence and reality Enhanced innovation and implementation of new ideas based on modern technology to achieve effective solutions in various fields including Benefit pedagogical development.

What distinguish us ?

1. A project concerned with the quality, accuracy and methodology of the workshops that are offered and will be presented online.

2. A project focused on stimulating continuous research and experimentation in the fields of augmented reality and intelligence. Artificial to form new paths are solutions to fashionable problems.

3. A project that can be expanded to include other departments and sciences.

4. A project that stores the experience as data to be collected, purified and directed as inputs for new processes and innovations.

5. A civilized project that takes into account the trend of the times and reflects the interest of the generation of students and youth to support a digital platform that facilitates The process of trading, benefiting from information and easy access to it.

6. A project that takes into account the integration and harmony between two business models that support each other in harmony and harmony. Depending on experience, market needs and the possibility of directing, producing and developing expertise.

Vision: Reflect practical experience and digital expertise in digital marketing and business sciences to content Arabic available on the Internet as well as digitizing some university content by making some content available Information technology in Arabic online.

Mission and Objectives: Linking the concepts of traditional education with the concepts of applying this education in the market environment and creating a platform Digital encourages growth in research, reflecting the experience and making it available to all. The methodology and planning of the project was manifested on a range of different levels, starting with the idea and vision of the project To build the business model of the project and ensure the development and evaluation of the plan followed for its growth and selection  Expert staff and keen to evaluate the efficiency and tool.


Where environmental sustainability is reflected in all aspects of the project being a digital project that depends entirely on Technology reduces the use of papers as well as improves the digitization of academic content and its presence on the Internet, which reduces  The burden on storage by traditional means, as well as ideas, research and experiments that are presented in the project It seeks with its content to spread the culture of innovation and to reach new outputs that seek to create an approach in line with  Culture of preserving the environment and the planet.

The aspects of environmental sustainability are reflected in the entire project facilities, which are represented in the theoretical and practical nature of the project. Preserving natural resources and making optimal use of them and a set of experiments that reflect thought Research at Valyria We are also thinking of shipping some ideas and research in the future and directing them to serve the environment and the planet. And the dissemination of the environmental citizenship approach throughout the media of the platform and the development was generalized of the logo within the Valyria education project at the end of 2022  And the adoption of the merger between the flower of the hindibar that It symbolizes the beauty, lightness, hope and genius of nature in combining these features with outstanding architectural design In the UAE with the concepts of the atom that express that the biggest things come from the smallest and the electronic chips that Engineering reflects the genius in directing small natural materials towards a benefit that serves humanity in order to ensure that Evolution can never interfere with the health of the planet.


The project, in its non-profit part, seeks to serve the community, grow in public thought, and encourage support for a culture of research. And innovation, and this is what sends a culture of learning and encourages it in the community, as well as the Arabic content on the Internet What the platform offers will be a civilized and important complement to society, especially students and information seekers.  As for the business model of the project in accumulating experience and redirecting it to serve the business of Individuals have a good impact on the growth of business in society and improve the overall economic situation and supporting startups In general, which reflects positively on society and achieves a balance between identity, fairness, diversity and responsibility Social .

Identity: At Valyria Platform, we strive to promote our Arabic content on the Internet within a sector.Because of our emphasis on our originality and being children of the Arabic language, it is our responsibility to represent it in all events And the places that support its presence, the Valyria platform focuses in presenting its content on scientific reference, especially The choice of Damascus University to cooperate in the field of education shows us respect for our identity and our past and also We are honored to reside in our second country, the United Arab Emirates, so we made sure that Valeria is born here as an affirmation of our ancient Arab identity.

Equity and diversity: Valyria will be an oasis where it focuses on the competition in the information industry with an emphasis on the availability of This information is for everyone without discrimination or racism, and to emphasize support for the horizon of our vision in including content that serves  People of determination for those who cannot benefit from our content in traditional ways, and create content that they can interact with, as well as allocating the thought of our research that takes into account the orientation of people of determination as well

Social Responsibility: We emphasize our social responsibility in verifying the validity of information and focusing on Building a conscious generation open to the culture of research and innovation.Continuous evaluation of the project is one of the cornerstones of continuity and the main reason for measuring the impact that The project left it during its period of work and follow-up evaluation and measurement in a sustainable manner to reflect the development and improvement of the project

Impact: The impact of the project is manifested in two tracks, the business track and the significant improvement achieved by the platform In supporting emerging projects with expertise and recycling this experience in what serves the prosperity and improvement of these businesses in the path This effect was measured through the presence of a set of useful experiences in the form of videos on The platform’s YouTube channel deals with various topics within the fields of digital marketing and data analysis Startups, IT and augmented reality, reflecting a simple touch in enhancing content support.Digital and the platform’s vision in it.

The follow-up process was done in benefiting from the evaluation and measurement process to improve the outputs of our project and expand  It has on all sectors that it is based on and that it interacts with from improving methodology, planning and promoting research  And invest technology optimally to achieve and measure goals.

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